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In this package buyer will receive 6 SUB BADGES in PNG format in 3 sizes per Twitch specifications:

-72×72 px

-36×36 px

-18×18 px

All files are in .PNG JPG with transparent backgrounds

*PSD, Illustrator file*

::How does it work?::

This is a digital file. After purchase, you can instantly download the files in .ZIP format.

Just extract the .ZIP files and the sub badges are ready to go^^


Files are for personal use ONLY. Please do not edit, steal or sell this product.


Sloth Hanging Set Twitch Bundle, the ultimate collection of digital products designed to enhance your Twitch channel and engage your viewers like never before! With our exclusive set of Twitch badges, bits badges, and emotes, you’ll be able to create a unique and memorable streaming experience that stands out from the crowd.

First, let’s talk about our Twitch badges. These badges are a fantastic way to reward your loyal viewers and make them feel like an integral part of your community. The Sloth Hanging Set features a range of eye-catching badge designs, each representing different tiers of support. Whether it’s a cute sloth hanging from a branch or an animated emote, these badges will add a touch of personality to your channel and motivate your viewers to show their dedication.

Next up, we have our bits badges. For those unfamiliar, bits are a form of virtual currency that viewers can use to cheer for their favorite streamers. Our bits badges feature adorable sloths in various poses, providing a delightful visual representation of the support you receive from your audience. Each badge tier showcases a different sloth, from a casual wave to an energetic dance, ensuring that your viewers feel acknowledged and appreciated for their contributions.

Last but not least, our emotes complete the Sloth Hanging Set bundle. Emotes are a fun and expressive way for you and your viewers to communicate during streams. Our emotes capture the charm and playfulness of sloths, enabling you to convey a wide range of emotions in your chat. Whether it’s a sloth giving a thumbs up, sleeping, or just hanging around, these emotes will add an extra layer of entertainment to your Twitch sub badges channel, fostering a lively and engaging chat atmosphere.

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2 reviews for Sloth hanging twitch bits badges discord kicks badges

  1. kali

    the mind is the weapon .you are unarmed

  2. Billie

    Amazing item. Looks so good, exactly what i had in mind for my sloth themed twitch channel. Was super easy to instal & they look fantastic:) thank you:) im so glad i found these as everything is sloth queen related on my channel.

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