8x Weapon Twitch sub bits kicks bits, discord badges

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In this package buyer will receive 6 SUB BADGES in PNG format in 3 sizes per Twitch specifications:

-72×72 px

-36×36 px

-18×18 px

All files are in .PNG JPG with transparent backgrounds

*PSD, Illustrator file*

::How does it work?::

This is a digital file. After purchase, you can instantly download the files in .ZIP format.

Just extract the .ZIP files and the sub badges are ready to go^^


Files are for personal use ONLY. Please do not edit, steal or sell this product.


Our exclusive “8 x Weapon Twitch Sub Badges” digital product, a must-have for streamers who want to elevate their channel’s aesthetics and engage with their community in a unique way. These meticulously crafted badges are designed to showcase your subscribers’ loyalty and commitment in a visually striking manner.

Key Features:

Variety of Weapons:

This collection includes eight distinct Weapon Twitch-themed badges, each representing a different milestone in your subscribers’ journey. From basic pistols to legendary swords, these badges offer diversity and cater to various audience preferences.

High-Quality Design:

Our badges are professionally designed with attention to detail, ensuring a polished and visually appealing appearance. The intricate artwork adds a touch of sophistication to your Twitch channel, making it stand out from the crowd.

Photoshop & AI Files Included:

We understand the importance of customisation. That’s why we provide both Photoshop and AI files for each badge, allowing you to tailor them to your specific branding and colour scheme. Personalise the badges effortlessly and make them uniquely yours.

Seamless Integration:

These badges seamlessly integrate with Twitch’s subscription Weapon Twitch tiers, providing a seamless and professional look on your channel. Whether you’re a new streamer or an established content creator, these badges will enhance the overall viewer experience.

Instant Recognition:

The Weapon Twitch-themed design not only adds a cool factor to your channel but also ensures instant recognition for your subscribers. It’s a fun and engaging way to acknowledge and reward their loyalty.

Scalable Resolution:

Our Weapon Twitch badges are delivered in high-resolution formats, ensuring optimal quality on various screen sizes. Whether viewed on a desktop, laptop, or mobile device, your badges will look crisp and clear.

How to Use:

Download Files:

Receive instant access to the Photoshop and AI files upon purchase.
Customise: Open the files in your preferred design software and customise the badges to match your brand.
Upload to Twitch: Easily upload the customised badges to your Twitch channel and assign them to different subscription tiers.
Elevate your Twitch channel to new heights with our “8 x Weapon Twitch Sub Badges.” Engage your audience, reward your subscribers, and create a visually stunning streaming experience. Upgrade your channel today!


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  1. Hunter Reish

    Very cute and exactly as described!

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